Jeff Hartley
“GM’s Evolution to Co-Design over the last 30 Years"

Jeff has 33 years of experience from GM as technical director and brand manager.

Research Interest

Psychology and Design

Applying psychological methods and principles to both the production of and the perception of designed artifacts.  Exploiting what is known in the academic world of psychology to the business world, primarily automotive design but design in general.

Link to paper complementing Jeff’s talk: GM’s Evolution to Co-Design over the Last 30 Years

Niels Due Jensen

Some Reasons why Grundfos is the largest Pump Manufacturer in the World

Niels Due Jensen is Former CEO of Grundfos and will give a presentation on: 


  • The courage to invest in product and production technology long term
  • The ability to prioritize technology in top management

Grundfos video: A Pump - a deep dive into the world of Grundfos

Mikkel Sørensen
"Presentation of DTU Skylab - the innovation hub at DTU"

Short bio:
For the past seven years, Mikkel has been Head of DTU Skylab – the innovation hub at the Technical University of Denmark. During this period, DTU Skylab has developed from a small pilot initiative to a leading innovation hub. Prior to this, Mikkel was the National Manager of Venture Cup Denmark and he is also the co-founder of Stormglas which drives interdisciplinary art projects. Mikkel completed two master degrees simultaneously - one in Modern Culture from University of Copenhagen, one from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. Furthermore, he holds an Executive MBA.
DTU Skylab is a hub for technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship located at the Technical University of Denmark. DTU Skylab offers students and researchers a wide portfolio of start-up support programs and innovation partnerships with established companies and in general, the house is a buzzing learning environment. The facilities include interdisciplinary prototyping workshops, labs, teaching-, event and office spaces.
During its 7 years lifetime, DTU Skylab has developed from a small-scale pilot initiative to an international reference point. In 2019, Skylab hosted 18 innovation courses, 127 DTU start-up projects received coaching and 65 external start-ups were hosted and assisted. 102 events took place in the Skylab and 20 external companies and organisations were involved in larger collaborations such as sprints and hacks. Recently, a large donation from the Maersk Foundation has made an expansion of the facilities possible. The new DTU Skylab will open September 2020 and covers a total of more than 5,000m2.
In the process of building and developing DTU Skylab, the approach has been to focus on culture and create a strong supportive community that encourages to think big, fail fast and learn from it. In this session, some of these elements – both successful and unsuccessful - will be shared.

Mikkel Sørensens presentation:  DTU Skylab - The innovation hub at DTU

Tommy Bysted 
"How FOSS developed world class products"

Tommy Bysted (MSc, PhD) – has 20+ years of experience developing products for high tech companies within mobile communication, acoustics, maritime industry, medical devices, and food and agriculture.

Tommy is currently responsible for an organization with more than 330 highly skilled engineers developing advanced analytical equipment.