09.30-11.00 Circularity and sustainability

Chair: Torben Lenau

Sustainability awareness in organizations through gamification and serious games: a systematic mapping

Giulia Wally Scurati, Francesco Ferrise, Marco Bertoni

Presenter: Giulia Wally Scurati


Development of a circularity impact and failure analysis: obsolescence and recyclability integration

Alessandro Bertoni

Presenter: Alessandro Bertoni


Reuse principle for primary packaging circularity in the food system

Frøydis Sæter, Isaac Arturo Ortega, Ida Nilstad Pettersen

Presenter: Frøydis Sæter


Circular economy enabled by additive manufacturing: potential opportunities and key sustainability aspects

Mariia Kravchenko, Daniela C.A. Pigosso, Tim C. McAloone

Presenter: Mariia Kravchenko


Chair: Martin Steinert

The crux of integration prototyping in complex environments - a case study of integration prototyping with a low-cost sonar leakage system

Johan Chr. W. Hjorth, Heikki Sjöman, Martin Steinert

Presenter: Johan Chr. W. Hjorth



The hackathon format: an analysis of its possible interpretations under a service design perspective

Amalia de Götzen, Luca Simeone, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Begüm Becermen, Nicola Morelli

Presenter: Amalia de Götzen


A role-based prototyping approach for human-centred design in fuzzy front-end scenarios

Nuno Miguel Martins Pacheco, Jan Behrenbeck, Bilal Tariq, Anand Vazhapilli Sureshbabu, Markus Zimmermann

Presenter: Nuno Miguel Martins Pacheco



Automatic geometry alteration when designing for metal additive manufacturing

Julian Martinsson, Olivia Borgue, Massimo Panarotto, Ola Isaksson

Presenter: Julian Martinsson




Modularity (1)


Chair: Niels Henrik Mortensen

Identifying modularity practices across mechanics, electronics and software

Christoffer Askhøj, Martin Løkkegaard, Christian Alexander Bertram, Niels Henrik Mortensen

Presenter: Christoffer Askhøj


Mass distribution as an approach for designing lightweight-driven product architectures

Felix Laufer, Daniel Roth, Hansgeorg Binz

Presenter: Felix Laufer


Planning & tracking the changes - matrix mapping of modular product family generations

Jan Küchenhof, Lea-Nadine Schwede, Dieter Krause

Presenter: Jan Küchenhof


Conceptual model of modularisation

Jarkko Pakkanen, Tero Juuti, Timo Lehtonen, Jari Peltonen, Rami Laine

Presenter: Jarkko Pakkanen


New Technology


Chair: Ola Isaksson

Comparison of three different heuristics for laser heat treatment pattern design

Axel Nordin

Presenter: Axel Nordin


Fungal future: a review of mycelium biocomposites as an ecological alternative insulation material

Owen Robertson, Frederik Høgdal, Lukas Mckay, Torben Lenau

Presenter: Torben Lenau



Integration of low-cost, dry-comb eeg-electrodes with a standard electrode cap for multimodal signal acquisition during human experiments

Christian Kuster Erichsen, Henrikke Dybvik, Martin Steinert

Presenter: Christian Kuster Erichsen


Unmanned autonomous vessels and the necessity of human-centred design

Cecilie Kristoffersen

Presenter: Cecilie Kristoffersen



Modularity (2)


Chair: Antti Pulkkinen

ETO standardization strategies: verifying implementation and effect

Christian Alexander Bertram, Georg Otto Mueller, Niels Henrik Mortensen

Presenter: Christian Alexander Bertram


Understanding the product: backtracking the qfd connections via the product structure

Roger Johansson

Presenter: Roger Johansson


Interactive model-based decision-making tools in early product platform design

Iñigo Alonso Fernandez, Massimo Panarotto, Ola Isaksson

Presenter: Iñigo Alonso Fernandez


Analysing increase of functionality and complexity in integrated product architectures

Sabela Gonzalez Castro, Massimo Panarotto, Olivia Borgue, Ola Isaksson

Presenter: Sabela Gonzalez Castro


Robust designs and processes


Chair: Tobias Eifler

A framework for grouping of equipment for preventive maintenance planning

Iman Soleymani, Kristoffer Vandrup Sigsgaard, Waqas Khalid, Kasper Barslund Hansen, Niels Henrik Mortensen

Presenter: Iman Soleymani


Effects and interactions of agile principles in the process of mechatronic system development: building a basic understanding for adaptive process design

Albert Albers, Jonas Heimicke, Sebastian Trost

Presenter: Jonas Heimicke


Initiatives towards a concurrent maintenance process

Kristoffer Vandrup Sigsgaard, Julie Krogh Agergaard, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Kasper Barslund Hansen, Iman Soleymani, Waqas Khalid

Presenter: Kristoffer Vandrup Sigsgaard


On the treatment of equality constraints in mechanical systems design subject to uncertainty

Julian Stumpf, Thomas Naumann, Marc Eric Vogt, Fabian Duddeck, Markus Zimmermann

Presenter: Julian Stumpf

Teaching and Education (1)

Chair: Claus Thorp Hansen

A behaviour-centric concept for engineering education in new product development

Jan Behrenbeck, Nuno Miguel Martins Pacheco, Bilal Tariq, Markus Zimmermann

Presenter: Jan Behrenbeck

Shaping wicked problem solvers: innovating educational programs through design thinking

Christian Johansson, Santosh Jagtap, Marco Bertoni, Alessandro Bertoni, Johan Wall

Presenter: Christian Johansson

A practice based approach to design education

Bhagyashri Sharma, Avik Roy, Priyabrata Rautra

Presenter: Bhagyashri Sharma



Collaborative design (1)


Chair: Alessandro Bertoni

Sheltering emergencies: design development process of temporary housing in post-disaster settlement by community participation

Kankana Narayan Dev, Amarendra Kumar Das

Presenter: Kankana Narayan Dev


Future - oriented product engineering through environment scenarios by using the example of future forms of mobility in urban living spaces

Florian Marthaler, Simon Stehle, Andreas Siebe, Albert Albers

Presenter: Marc Etri


Participatory design and environmental education in visitor centers: a case study from nepal

Ninni Kim Nhi Hoang, Mia Edvardsen, Martina Keitsch

Presenter: Ninni Kim Nhi Hoang




Teaching and Education (2)

Chair: Claus Thorp Hansen

Dynamic updationg of learning events during a course on the basis of logbooks

Mikko Vanhatalo, Tero Juuti, Kaisu Rättyä

Presenter: Mikko Vanhatalo


Evaluation of daylight performance of classroom spaces in ahmedabad

Kratika Rajeev Piparsania, Prasad Vaidya, Pratul Chandra Kalita

Presenter: Kratika Rajeev Piparsania


Engaging digital engineering students in design thinking

Hanadi Traifeh, Claudia Nicolai, Reem Refaie, Christoph Meinel

Presenter: Hanadi Traifeh

Collaborative design (2)

Chair: Sofia Ritzén

Experience of a Co-creation Workshop with elderly people using natural semantic networks

Juan Carlos Briede Westermeyer, Isabel Leal Figueroa, Rodrigo Vargas Callegari, Javiera Ortega Bastidas, Cristhian Pérez Villalobos

Presenter: Juan Carlos Briede Westermeyer


Evaluation of ideas in the crowdsourcing process for product innovation

Joade Cortez Gomes, Técia de Lima Silva, Laíssa Nogueira Rêgo, Paula de Oliveira Ferreira, Mario Orestes Aguirre González

Presenter: Mario Orestes Aguirre González


Participatory disaster risk reduction in developing countries

Idun Sarre Ramstad, Peter Kristian Glesaaen, Martina Keitsch

Presenter: Idun Sarre Ramstad


Design Studies

Chair: Michael Deininger

On how designers communicate the functionality of articulated product concepts in sketches

G Kalyan Ramana, Prasad S Onkar

Presenter: Kalyan Ramana


Packaging design strategies for introducing whole mealworms as human food

Saara-Maria Kauppi

Presenter: Saara-Maria Kauppi


Modelling and designing of the system properties based on characteristics and the degree of maturity on the example of a high pressure storage system

Daniel Duschek, Michael Michael Vielhaber

Presenter:Daniel Duschek


Designing aesthetics for play(fulness)

Jesper Falck Legaard

Presenter: Jesper Falck Legaard


How we (sometimes do not) evaluate design support: a review of how design support is evaluated in practice

Camilla Arndt Hansen, Ali Gürcan Özkil

Presenter: Camilla Arndt Hansen



Collaborative design (3)

Chair: Ryan M. Arlitt

The decision arena: a model-centric interactive workspace for product-service system design

Johan Wall, Marco Bertoni

Presenter: Johan Wall


Bringing reality back to virtual reality - a collaborative tool for multidisciplinary teams

Sampsa Kohtala, Thomas Kaland, Live Jacobsen, Pasi Aalto, Martin Steinert

Presenter: Sampsa Kohtala


Normative design for society and anticipatory technology development: a double challenge for design research

Pieter Vermaas, Taylor Stone

Presenter: Pieter Vermaas


Design thinking: guidelines for organizations

Pedro Ishio, Ricardo Gaspar, Romulo Gonçalves Lins

Presenter: Pedro Ishio


Big Data

Chair: Sara Shafiee

Data-driven engineering – definitions and insights from an industrial case study for a new approach in technical product development

Jakob Trauer, Sebastian Schweigert-Recksiek, Luis Onuma Okamoto, Karsten Spreitzer, Markus Mörtl, Markus Zimmermann

Presenter: Jakob Trauer


General approach to support modelling of data and information flows in product development

Jan Mehlstäubl, Alexander Atzberger, Kristin Paetzold

Presenter: Jan Mehlstäubl


Research data management system for a large collaborative project

Iryna Mozgova, Oliver Koepler, Angelina Kraft, Roland Lachmayer, Sören Auer

Presenter: Iryna Mozgova



Scrum training for product configuration systems development

Sara Shafiee, Yves Wautelet

Presenter: Sara Shafiee

Early Stage Design

Chair: Pieter Vermaas

Approaches to analyzing multi-functional problems

Nicklas Werge Svendsen, Torben Anker Lenau

Presenter: Nicklas Werge Svendsen,


KPI - Linked transformation process for digitized production through the systematic analysis and evaluation of trends

Florian Marthaler, Thomas Mertes, Albert Albers

Presenter: Felix Pfaff


Development of strategic guidelines for agile parts maturity management of engine subsystems in the automotive industry during series ramp-up

Simon Rapp, Jonas Heimicke, Jonas Weber, Albert Albers

Presenter: Jonas Weber


Service design and circular economy in the fashion industry. Approaches to increase user acceptance of circular clothing models

Ingrid Kongelf, Juana Camacho-Otero

Presenter: Ingrid Kongelf


Design Support

Chair: Johan Ölvander

Understanding system features through information visualisations to improve product development: an exploratory study with data analysts

Agzam Idrissov, Stanko Škec, Anja M. Maier

Presenter: Agzam Idrissov


Comparison of design automation and machine learning algorithms for creation of easily modifiable splines

Erik Anton Gustafsson, Johan Alexander Persson, Johan Rolf Ölvander

Presenter: Erik Anton Gustafsson


Insights for touchscreen guidelines for medical devices: a case study of a usability test

Kamya Nagarajan, Arlindo Silva, Hyowon Lee

Presenter: Kamya Nagarajan


Proposing a novel approach for testing complex medical task trainer prototypes

Oscar Lilleløkken, Daniel Nygård Ege, Marius Auflem, Martin Steinert

Presenter: Oscar Lilleløkken


Requirements management

Chair: Massimo Panarotto

Cross-industry sectoral study: interactions and challenges of requirements engineering in the early phase of product development

Joshua Fahl, Tobias Hirschter, Hansjörg Maier, Albert Albers

Presenter: Joshua Fahl


Making customer integration in company processes persistent: comparison of literature and industrial perspective

Simone Vogel, Matthias Kreimeyer, Ronny Richter, Stefan Spinler

Presenter: Simone Vogel


A mathematical model of customer satisfaction depending on technical design parameters in the context of product generation engineering

Günseli Aksoy, Tobias Huth, Thomas Vietor

Presenter: Günseli Aksoy


A design specification chain: a concept for improving revision management and change tracking

Christian Alexander Bertram, Jeppe Bredahl Rasmussen, Georg Otto Mueller, Niels Henrik Mortensen

Presenter: Christian Alexander Bertram